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VirtuaPin™ EXTREME Widebody Virtual Pinball Machine - 4K


I planned to build my own virtual pinball machine and was checking forums on how I should begin my project. Once I started calculating costs I realized it may be more beneficial to just have one professionally built and I'm sure glad I did. First, the customer support exceeds the best service I could have ever imagined. Paul always had time for me and he ensured I as well as he knew exactly what I was looking for in the machine. I I opted to go with the 42" widebody extreme model. The machine looks like a nomal pinbal beside my other pinball tables and at a glace you wouldn't realize it is a virtual machine. The quality of the cabinet is phenomenal. The best part of the machine is the mechanics. The commercial grade monitors in the machine are crystal clear and crisp. You wont get that from a 1080 tv you buy from a store. The sound systems inside the cabinet compliment the tables nicely. If you go with the extreme model, you get not one but two sound systems in the machine. One is used for the audio of the tables and the other is used for the pinball mechanics. It makes you really feel like you are playing the real thing. Then, the Plasma DMD has such a beautiful orange to it, it really brings everything together. I highly recommend the 42" extreme widebody Virtua Pin to anyone. Its the best $6,000 I have spent and worth every penny! Paul will take care of you, give him a call and you will be in good hands.
Date Added: 12/28/2013 by George F.
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