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VirtuaPin™ EXTREME Widebody Virtual Pinball Machine - 4K


After having a few experiences with pinball around arcades in my area I thought it would be a really cool idea to own one myself. Looking around for physical machines I found myself unable to commit to any one specific game which is when I stumbled upon the idea of a virtual pinball machine and eventually to VirtuaPin. I purchased the VirtuaPin Extreme Widebody in August and received it later than I thought but that was the only negative thing about it but Paul kept me in the loop with updates. Running a business is not easy and comes with complications so I can appreciate that.

The experience of a VirtuaPin is everything I could have asked for. The construction of the machine is incredibly high quality built with high quality materials to replicate a real pinball cabinet. Going from the arcade to this machine, it's the same. The multiple sound systems playing the music and internals that simulate the pinball experience are amazing. When you're playing on the machine, you will forget that you're not playing on a physical machine and that is one of the best parts about it.

After receiving the machine, Paul took time out of his holiday weekend that was starting to make sure that I got the information I needed to get the machine up and running. Having had a bad experience with VPX screwing around with it myself before he walked me through every step of the way. You can think of it as getting a class on how to use a virtual pinball machine. Even after delivery of the machine, Paul has continued to provide support and answers to any questions I had through email. VirtuaPin is the only way to go and you'll have a great time if you want the full experience of virtual pinball! Thank you Paul!
Date Added: 01/23/2020 by Steven P.
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