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Leaf Switch


Leaf switch, gold plated leaf switch, micro leaf switch, true leaf switch, soft touch leaf switch...
Leaf switch here, leaf switch there, leaf switch, leaf switch everywhere :)
As you can see there are thousands of leaf switches on the market.
But which one should we choose? It is a tough question for a fellow pinball player.

Why would i choose leaf switch at all?

Leaf switches were the first type of switches used on all arcade machines like scramble, galaxian, phoenix and on all pinball machines. Leaf switches give you unique soft touch feeling and possibility of very fast activation and deactivation.

Most pushbuttons that can be found on the market today have cherry click micro switches which offer much greater resistance and after they click they just drop down so it is difficult to activate them fast or short. For pinball short soft touch is needed for many classical moves. It's impossible to do these moves with micro switches. More ever hard micro switch tires your fingers when you hold button down for a long time - and pinball is a game where you constantly have to hold button for a long time.

This inefficiency of micro switches is the main reason why there are so many variations on them that are trying to get closer to performance of real leaf switches. But why go for something in between if you can get the real thing? And this is the real thing. This is real leaf switch that operates same as any leaf from original arcade machines. Even better. Together with leaf buttons from this site they give you that unique soft feeling and smooth and precise operation. They work great. There is no multi presses and they are very soft so you can hold them pressed for ever without getting tired.
Date Added: 10/07/2011 by Dean D.
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